Opening Statement

“It was very positive because of the different circumstances surrounding the game. [Javier] Mascherano felt some discomfort in the warmups and we decided not to risk it and, in combination with other injuries, I had to put Lucas [Digne] at right fullback, and I think he played well...he also came up on attack and helped create some danger, and Marlon was also good. He was relaxed, and could help bring the ball up the field...for us it was a tough game, because our rivals, who are not playing for anything, often play well when they have nothing to lose, and Las Palmas are good enough to do just that, and I think they did. We were good and alert, we kept our rivals at bay, and we generated and took advantage of scoring chances to give us the three points."

On Barça’s chances of winning the league title:

 “We have one game left, at home against Eibar, and clearly the objective is to win that game, to give us a chance to be champions. Our rivals have two games left, at two stadiums where, for example, we lost. If we were defeated there, any team can be defeated there.”

On Sergio Busquets and his great individual skill as showed against Las Palmas:

“You can never measure those kinds of things. We work on the situations that most often come up during games...and players come up with certain moves, and Busquets can do just that. He knows where the players are behind him, the move he made was first class, we don’t even ask Leo Messi to take on three players, very few people can pull that off. What we as coaches try to do is give the players solutions, to know where they are and where the open players will be based on the pressure they’re facing, and from there, today we often found ourselves, which was impressive on our first goal, with players on the inside, and on another goal, we had the chance to find a player inside, and after that it’s all down to the players."

On the versatility of André Gomes:

“Tonight, we needed him. But if there’s an example of a player who can play any position, due to physical, technical, and psychological characteristics, it’s André Gomes. He’s ready to win, to play whatever minutes he’s asked to, to take advantage of them, you’ve all seen he’s physically and technically able to play in any position, and when there are players with that mentality, who are motivated to improve and help the team, those are the guys you want to take into battle."

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