Barça are not used to defeats like the 4-0 inflicted on them by Liverpool this Saturday, but Luis Enrique insisted afterwards that the negative result is no cause for concern. “The faster pace of their players showed” he said after the final whistle. “But in the middle of the season, it’s unlikely that they’d have been able to get a result like that … It was a case of teams playing at very different rhythms. But it wasn’t our day either when it came to making mistakes. And you pay for such mistakes against teams like these.”

He also noted that his team had three chances to get back into the game before the half-time whistle, although none of Messi, Arda or Suárez managed to convert. “The best news is that everyone came through it without getting injured” he added. “It all makes us keener than ever to get back to training and prepare for the next game. We have to work on the mistakes we made.”

He also made it clear that after Wednesday’s Gamper against Sampdoria, the team will be ready for the Spanish Super Cup. “That’s what we’re planning for” he said. “And we have enough days for the players to get back to full form and fitness.”

He ended by commenting on the wonderful atmosphere at Wembley and the ovation that the Liverpool supporters gave to Luis Suárez. “It was very nice to see how much affection the fans feel for him” he smiled. “It was spectacular before the match when they announced his name.”

Alfaro thrilled to play at Wembley

Jesus Alfaro, one of the B team players that got a game, said after the experience that “playing at Wembley alongside the best players in the world was a pleasure, and even though it was only a friendly, it wasn’t nice to lose … You learn things on a day to day basis, and there are always new things to learn. You try to take the best from each player, and that’s a lot.”

“I was so happy to make my debut because playing for the best club in the world is a dream come true. But we have to be realistic. We’ll be going back to the B team and focusing on the exciting season that we have ahead of us.”
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