Wembley 1992 is remembered by all Barça fans as the first time the Club lifted the famous European Cup trophy. Former Liverpool and Osasuna player now turned popular Spanish TV football pundit and presenter Michael Robinson remembers the importance of the win for the game as a whole in his ‘Informe Robinson’ (‘Robinson Report) programme: “Wembley was a turning point in the history of football. Cruyff gave the ball back to football.”

Robinson remembers that Johan Cruyff wanted to change the game with “a midfielder as the deepest lying player, two wingers and no centre forward.” For the former striker, since that moment 25 years ago, football became no longer about physique. “The ball is the most important element and it doesn’t matter how big you are,” he continues before concluding: “Wembley is not just the first Champions League for Barça, it’s a lot more than that.”

This Saturday 10 June there will be a day of activities to honour the 25th anniversary of the Wembley win, a festival to conclude the events to commemorate the first European Cup win at Wembley Stadium in 1992. 

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