It may feel like it happened just yesterday for many Barça fans, but exactly ten years have passed since Leo Messi's magical solo goal against Getafe.

Belenguer, Luis Garcia and Casquero were on the Getafe side that day, and the trio were kind enough to share their thoughts on that incredible goal.

Defender David Belenguer spoke of the difficulty to stop the Argentine: “In one-on-one situations, he is very difficult, and the team was also badly positioned. Leo is a player with a very low centre of gravity, despite wanting him to pull him, he is very strong. He is very tought to stop or even to foul".

The goalkeeper on that day, Luis Garcia, says “when dribbling, Messi keeps the ball very close to his feet, he is very difficult to stop. It was his first great goal, but he has since scored many like that".

Javi Casquero says: "It is a typical play that you think any teammate can stop, but he makes the difference. It was a goal very similar to the one scored by Maradona  at the World Cup".

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