This year's average attendance for league games at Camp Nou was the highest since the 2010/11 season. / FCB

With Camp Nou having lived its final game of the 2015/16 season Sunday, a look at this year's total attendance has revealed that an average of 78,736 spectators came to the stadium over the 19 games played there. That comes to a grand total of 1,495,981 spectators on the season, the highest in the last five.

Camp Nou averaged 79,191 spectators in the 2010/11 season. While this season's numbers fell just below those, there has been a gradual improvement since then.

This year, three matches at Camp Nou surpassed 90,000 in attendance — games versus Atlético Madrid (94,990), Real Madrid (99,264) and Sunday's versus Espanyol (91,610), the Catalan derby with the highest attendance in the last decade.

Last five seasons

La Liga 2010/11. 79,191

La Liga 2011/12. 75,069

La Liga 2012/13. 71,235

La Liga 2013/14. 71,988

La Liga 2014/15. 77,632

La Liga 2015/16. 78,736

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