Ivan Rakitic with the three Japanese supporters / MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB

The nicest surprises are those that you don’t expect. Yuki Nakajima, Ryutaro Kano and Takayuki Masuma can bear witness to that. These three Barça supporters club members got to meet Ivan Rakitic at the hotel where the FC Barcelona players are staying.

The three of them had created a personalised version of Son Goku, of Dragon Ball fame, with the player’s shirt and number, and which Rakitic himself shared on his Instagram account a few weeks ago. While the team is in Yokohama, the three fans, who are staying in the same building as the players, had tried to get their own version of Son Goku passed onto the Croatian star.

But what they hadn’t expected was for Rakitic to come to collect it in person. They were able to pose for photos with the player, who gladly autographed all the different objects they had brought along.

Great supporters in Japan

“I think there’s a certain Son Goku air about me, although his hair isn’t stuck to his head like mine” said Rakitic to Barça TV and fcbarcelona.com after receiving the gift. “It’s a lovely gift and what they have done is really nice. The atmosphere here in Japan is amazing. I want to personally thank the people for the welcome they have given me. They’re mad for us and we’re even madder for them. It makes us so proud and we hope to be able to make them happy on Sunday.”

The three fans couldn’t believe what was happening! “Is that the real Ivan Rakitic?” they gasped in shock, but eventually they realised it was indeed their hero who had come to meet them, and they enjoyed a wonderful time in his company. For Yuki, Ryutaro and Takayuki, this is a day they will never forget!

Rakitic, el Son Goku del FC Barcelona por fcbarcelona
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