Alex Morgan speaking to Barça TV in 2012 / FCB

Alex Morgan is one of the most famous faces in US soccer. The star of the Women’s World Cup winning team, she has just become the first female player to appear on the cover of the FIFA series of videogames, featuring in the US edition alongside Barça’s Leo Messi. And she makes no secret of the fact that she has long been an admirer of FC Barcelona, and in 2012 visited the club to record a commercial.

While the Catalan giants were in Los Angeles, she spent some time with the Barça players and exchanged shirts with a player she has always held in extremely high esteem, Andrés Iniesta.

Morgan said that “it would be great to be able to play in Barcelona” and went on to explain how impressed she is by the way the Liga champions play together as a unit. “You can tell that team-work is such a vital part of the game. Knowing each other’s strengths and covering each other. Making sure you are playing as a team and making your team-mates look good. That’s what I saw tonight. Obviously every single player has great skill, but they play together and no player necessarily stands out … I think that’s great to see even at the very highest level.”

The Portland Thorns FC forward added that women’s teams “need to play as many quality teams as they can play and continue to improve. Bringing in players from abroad is very important.”

After confirming that she intends to visit the Camp Nou in the fall, Morgan commented that “teams in Spain and other European teams are really improving their women’s teams. It’s really good for me to see that I have an option to play in Europe if the time comes.”

Andrés Iniesta and Alex Morgan meet up at the... by fcbarcelona
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