Arda Turan, new Barça signing with a welcome message in Turkish / Photomontage FCB

[[DES_1]]FC Barcelona and Atlético Madrid have reached an agreement for the transfer of the player Arda Turan. FC Barcelona reserve the right to re-sell the player to Atlético until 20 July.

The Managing Board of the Club were made aware last week of the request from coach Luis Enrique and from the favourable report from the Technical Committee that Arda Turan be brought in to form part of the FC Barcelona squad. The Committee has analysed the operation, stating that after negotiations that began months ago, there is an agreement for the signing of the midfielder with Atlético Madrid and with the player himself. Once the reports were studied, the Committee has given the go ahead to the operation.

Given that the operation is taking place during the electoral process, the Managing Committee understands that given their powers, as established in the Club’s statutes, are “limited to the necessary and vital activities that allow the club to function normally and protect its interests”, it is crucial for the operation to be structured in such a way that the Club can successfully sign the player requested by the coach and by the Technical Committee whilst at the same time allowing the next Board of Directors to ratify the operation.

With the intention of safeguarding the Club’s interests and respecting the final decision of the President elect and given the necessity of finalising the operation as soon as possible in order not to miss out on signing the player, FC Barcelona have reached an agreement with Atlético Madrid for the signing of Arda Turan for the next five seasons for the figure of €34m with a possible €7m in variables.

The agreement includes the option of selling the player to Atlético Madrid for the fixed fee less 10% option costs. This option could be exercised by FC Barcelona up until midnight of 20 July if the next Board of Directors should wish so.

This agreement has been ratified unanimously by the Managing Committee.

The Managing Committee understands that the structure of this operation protects the interests of FC Barcelona and will respect the decision of the president that is elected by the members on 18 July.

'It could not be put off any longer'

After announcing the decision to bring Arda Turan to Barça, Ramon Adell, the president of the FC Barcelona Managing Committee, explained that “the decision could not be put off any longer,” but he also reminded everyone that “the incoming president still has the possibility of reversing the operation.” Also, he add that the signing is good news for Barça and the operation “protects the interests of the Club.”

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