Xavi on the day of the tribute at the Camp Nou / MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB

Barça fans bade farewell to Xavi Hernández on Saturday 23 May after the final league game against Deportivo. BARÇA MAGAZINE has picked ten images from that afternoon and Xavi comments on the emotions that they bring back.

“I was amazed when I saw the banner. I thought ‘oh my, what’s starting here!’ and we hadn’t even lifted the trophy yet, or done the speeches! It was spectacular!”

“This is a spectacular picture. I loved the gift that the club gave me on my farewell. I’m putting it directly in my museum!”

“I asked Leo to let me take it and it was the worst free-kick of my career. It went into the clouds. It was because of the nerves.”

“I was very pleased that Andrés was my substitute. He has treated me spectacularly all my life and throughout these final moments. Ten out of ten.”

“I was thinking about other things and Andrés, who ended the game as captain, put the armband back on me. That’s the footballing and human respect between us. I can leave happy with the job I’ve done and also with the great group of people in the squad. I have felt so much respect from my team-mates over the last few days and I’ll miss them.”

“I can leave happy with the job I’ve done and also with the great group of people in the squad.”

“The lap of honour on my own was hard because I’m shy about these things and I was alone. But when the people cheered and chanted my name it was so nice. It gave me goose-bumps.”

“I saw my family in the box and Núria was crying and it moved me. These have been a lot of years and it hasn’t always been easy, but they have always been there. She is the most important person in my life and we’re going to be parents.”

“I’d thought about that before. To take a picture with the trophy when we were a bit calmer. But then I noticed that they were recording us.”

“These are unconditional supporters, my friends and family that have always been there. All that’s missing are the S’Agaró group. These are friends I’ve been with since school.”

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