Sergio Busquets during training on Monday / MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB

Sergio Busquets, who recently signed a new contract extension that will keep him at the club until 2019, has taken a look at the balugranes’ current situation after the victory against Granada and 48 hours ahead of the second leg of the Spanish Cup semi-final against Villarreal.

On Wednesday’s game:

“We start off with a slight advantage and we are just a step away from the final, but it will be difficult. Villarreal will have to change their way of playing.”

“Villarreal have a big squad with lots of young players. They all deserve respect, from number 1 to number 25.”

The win against Granada:

“I would like to see any other team playing in those conditions in which we played at that ground. It was difficult to keep it moving. The most important thing were the three points.”

Real Madrid’s slip up and their chances in the league:

“We were waiting to win against Granada. We knew were behind in the league and that when Madrid dropped points, we have to take advantage.”

“Their slip up does not change our way of thinking. We have to win every game as always.”

“It’s clear that they had a four point advantage and now it is two. The fact our fate is in our own hands does not change things from one week to the next.”

Barça-Real Madrid on 22 March:

“There are still two league games before the Clásico. I don’t know if it will be decisive. Let’s hope so for us. Whether it is decisive or not depends on a lot of things and that’s difficult to know today.”

His own form:

“I think I am a fairly consistent player. I try to do my best every day.”

“Normally I play as a defensive midfielder, but out to one side is not a new position for me. It’s the coach’s decision.”

“I am not looking to be a reference point, only to work hard day to day. I also know that when you are at the club, it can happen that the youngsters focus on you.”

Praise for Bravo:

“He has been playing in the league for a long time and also with his national team.  He is somebody who brings us calm, experience and leadership. Everyone takes notice.”

Busquets not taking anything for granted in Cup per fcbarcelona
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