Neymar at the Camp Nou. PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

La primera foto de Neymar a Barcelona. FOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

Neymar, fotografiant-se a les oficines del Club. FOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

Neymar at Camp Nou PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ

20.37 - Neymar's first press conference as an FC Barcelona player has come to an end. [+] Photos.

20.00 - Photo of Neymar at the press conference.

19:45 - FC Barcelona will pay a total of 57 million euros for Neymar Jr. The player's buyout clause is set at 190 million euros.

19.40 - Neymar at the Camp Nou for the first time [+] Photos

19.35 - Neymar's first words as an FC Barcelona player:

19.30 - Neymar's press conference has started

19.15 - Neymar juggling at the Camp Nou:

19.00 - Neymar signs his contract


18.50: Adriano Correia stops by the Camp Nou to greet Neymar.

18.42: Neymar Jr addressing the Camp Nou in Catalan: "I'm very pleased to be here!"

18.36: Neymar Jr come out onto the pitch of the Camp Nou! The fans go wild and sing the FC Barcelone hymn.

18.25: The new FC Barcelona player changes into the FC Barcelona 2013/14 kit in the Barça dressing room.

18.30: Neymar signs contract with FC Barcelona, set to stay through 2018

18.00: 334 accredited members of the press attend Neymar's presentation at the Camp Nou

17.15: The Camp Nou readies to welcome Neymar


17.05: Neymar passes medical

16.40 h: Marcelinho Huertas, Barça Regal player, welcomes Neymar to Barcelona:

16:30 - Neymar arrives to l'Hospital de Barcelona, the Brazilian is greeted by a crowd of FC Barcelona fans.

[+] Photo gallery.

16:20 - Neymar in next season's training kit at the Ciutat Esportiva.

15:30 - Neymar is currently undergoing medical tests at Ciutat Esportiva

14:55 - The Brazilian’s flight arrived late at El Prat Airport, and from there he was taken directly to the FC Barcelona offices at the Camp Nou for the traditional picture in front of the club crest

Neymar has arrived in Barcelona. His flight from Rio de Janeiro touched down at El Prat at 13.02, and no sooner had he set foot on Catalan soil than he was transferred to the Camp Nou, the first time he has ever visited what will become his new home.

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14: 50 - The photogallery of Neymar at FC Barcelona offices

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14:30 - The player posing before the cameras of world's media

14:00 - First video of Neymar! Welcome!

13:44 - First photo of Neymar in Barcelona

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13:02 - Neymar has landed at El Prat Airport.The Brazilian is now on his way to the Camp Nou

13:00 - The press, waiting for the Brazilian to arrive at the club offices

12:30 - Neymar’s flight to Barcelona will arrive a few minutes later than expected and the photo session will not start before 1:00 PM CET

12:00 - Neymar: “It is a dream come true to play for Barça"

10:00 - From Romário to Neymar - the Brazilian tradition upfront at the Camp Nou

09:30 - The Brazilian international is flying to Barcelona where he will be presented as a Barça player on Monday. The flight is slightly delayed

09:01 - Neymar: “I'm fulfilling my dream”

It’s my dream to play for Barça. I thank God for making this possible. Playing with Messi, Xavi and Iniesta is an honour

09:00 - Brazilian magic at the Camp Nou

08:10 - Tito Vilanova: “Neymar can score, that's something we need”

08:00 - Schedule for Neymar’s first day at FC Barcelona


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06:00 - Neymar shines for Brazil in 2-2 draw with England

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