If you haven’t sent your question, you still have time! The deadline to send it is December 18th, so do it and your idol will answer that question you always wanted to ask him.

Hundreds of Barça Fans have already sent their videos, hoping to be chosen. Don’t waste more time, your question might be among the chosen ones!



At Barça Fans we always want you to participate actively in our community, to be closer to everything we do. That is why you now have the chance to ask Luis Suárez a question directly, with no intermediaries.

We will show him the video of the question you send and he will answer it. In order to do so, you just need to follow these steps:

1.   Film a video(*) of about 10 seconds with your phone or your tablet with the question you want to ask him.

2.   Send the video to fcbfans@fcbarcelona.cat

3.   Do not forget to include your full name, city and country.

Don’t miss this opportunity! Only until December 18.

(*) the file cannot be bigger than 10Mb

Terms and conditions

More than 350 fans have sent us their questions to Luis Suárez

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