ElPozo Múrcia 2-2 Barça Lassa: Through on penalties!

ElPozo Múrcia 2-2 Barça Lassa: Through on penalties!

A gargantuan penalty shootout decides a gripping Copa del Rey encounter and sees the Catalans into the Final Four

This Copa del Rey quarter final always promised to be a good one, and that’s precisely what it was. Barça Lassa have won away to ElPozo Múrcia in a game decided in a penalty shootout that saw every member of the team taking a shot. Barça keeper Juanjo was the real hero of the night, but the duo of goalscorers, Ferrao and Lozano, also posted marvellous performances.

Ferrao’s goal was a sheer wonder as he found space from nowhere before blasting the ball into the back of the net. And the captain, oozing energy from start to finish, thoroughly deserved the goal that put the Catalans two goals to the good after just a quarter of an hour.

Thus far, everything was coming up roses, but the home side mustered up a strong response, and with the game back even the final minutes were dramatic end-to-end stuff.

Six minutes of overtime would have been enough for ElPozo do snatch a winner, had Juanjo not been so inspired in goal. And so the penalty shootout, a remarkable affair that just went on and on, 24 shots in total, with Murcia keeper Fede eventually missing the decisive throw and Barça advancing into the Final Four.


ElPozo Múrcia: Fede, Matteus, Miguelín, Xuxa, Álex, Andresito, Fernando, Pito, Darío, Valerío, Fabio & Drasler.

Barça Lassa: Juanjo, Aicardo, Dyego, Adolfo, Ferrao, Sergio Lozano, Joselito, Marcenio, Leo Santana, Boyis, Arthur & Dídac.

Goals: 0-1, Ferrao (min 12); 0-2, Sergio Lozano (min 16); 1-2, Andresito (doble penal) (min 20); 2-2, Xuxa (min 21).

Penalty shootout: 0-1, Dyego (goal); 1-1, Álex (goal); 1-2, Sergio Lozano (goal); 2-2, Miguelín (goal); 2-3, Ferrao (goal); 3-3, Mattaus (goal); 3-3, Aicardo (miss); 3-3, Xuxa (miss); 3-3, Adolfo (miss); 3-3, Andresito (miss); 3-4, Marcenio (goal); 4-4, Pito (goal); 4-5, Boyis (goal): 5-5, Fernando, (goal); 5-6,  Joselito (goal); 6-6, Drasler (goal); 6-7, Leo Santana (goal); 7-7, Valerio (goal); 7-8, Arthur (goal); 8-8, Darío (goal); 8-9, Dídac (goal); 9-9, Fabio (goal); 9-10, Juanjo (goal); 9-10, Fede (miss).

Força Barça
Força Barça
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