Delteco GBC 71-104 Barça Lassa: Century makers!

Delteco GBC 71-104 Barça Lassa: Century makers!

Svetislav Pesic’s side won the match in a fabulous third quarter with a partial of 7-34

Barça Lassa overcame Delteco GBC (71-104) in a duel marked by a great offensive performance in which every Barça player scored. Hanga was the top scorer for the culers with 16 points.

The visitors were already up by 2-10 as early as the third minute, but the locals responded with eight consecutive points which forced Svetislav Pesic to request a time out. A triple from Singleton helped the visitors to lead 21-28 at the end of the first period, and a second period of intense play from both sides saw Barça Lassa having to hold firm against the Basques’ insistence, though the visitors would lead by just a point at half-time (47-48).

Total dominion

The third period was dominated by the Barça players, where they only conceded seven points but scored 34 in a spectacular partial. Both in an attacking and defensive sense, the visitors carried on where they left off in the final period, breaking the 100 point barrier and consolidating themselves as leader of the ACB league with a balance of 11 wins and 2 defeats.


Delteco GBC, 71
Barça Lassa, 104

Delteco GBC: Nevels (17), Pérez (-), Sekulic (4), Burjanadze (11), Corbacho (9) - starters - Gutiérrez (10), Van Lacke (3), Maiza (-), Salvó (6 ), Bobrov (11), Beraza (-) and Oroz (-)

Barça Lassa: Ribas (9), Singleton (11), Hanga (16), Heurtel (14), Tomic (7) - starters - Seraphin (9), Pangos (10), Smits (4), Pustovyi (5) , Oriola (7), Kuric (9) and Claver (3)

Partial: 21-28 / 47-48 (Half-Time) 54-82 / 71-104

Officials: J.A. Martín Bertrán, Francisco J. Araña and Esperanza Mendoza

Força Barça
Força Barça
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