FC Barcelona Board Of Directors Announcement

FC Barcelona Board Of Directors Announcement

The Board of Directors wish to express their thanks to club members for their support of the eighth annual Members Solidarity Day

The FC Barcelona Board of Directors met on Monday at the Camp Nou to discuss the following matters:

Member Solidarity Day

The Board wish to express their thanks to all members for their involvement with the eighth edition of the Member Solidarity Day event, which -using the slogan "Put a Smile on your Seat'- will coincide with the second leg of the Copa del Rey game against Cultural Leonesa, on 5 December at 9:30pm CET.

In the seven editions held to date, more than 400,000 people -the majority children and adolescents associated with social organisations- have enjoyed the experience of attending a football match at the Camp Nou, thanks to the charitable acts of season ticket holders and members in giving up their seat for a game. The Club have facilitated the process by making every seat available, with the objective being to allow a larger number of seats to be filled, the distribution amongst collaborating organisations to be made further in advance, and the best atmosphere possible to be created.

Nevertheless, the Club guarantee the rights of season ticket holders to use their seat, and thus those who wish to attend the match shall be able to do so, providing they inform the Club by filling out a form -available on the Club website until 15 November.

Should a member not complete the form before the deadline and subsequently decide to attend the game, the club will make invitations available for them to attend the Camp Nou, although their habitual seat will not be guaranteed.

The day will again coincide with a food collection drive, organised by the World Confederation of Supporters Clubs.

Inauguration of Mission Hills

The Board of Directors have been informed of the inauguration of the Mission Hills complex on Sunday 18 November, on the Chinese island of Hainan. A delegation from the club, headed by Dídac Lee, accompanied by CEO Òscar Grau, will travel to the inauguration. Also present will be technical secretary Éric Abidal, and Juliano Belletti as ambassador for FC Barcelona.

The FC Barcelona delegation will also meet with local authorities, with the aim of strengthening cooperation between the Club and the Chinese government.  In February 2017, president Josep Maria Bartomeu signed a ten-year agreement to create the first joint venture in the Club's history, building this project. The agreement, which was authorised in the Assembly of Member Delegates, is a new step in the internationalisation plan for the Barça brand, included in the 2015-21 Strategic Plan.

The Mission Hills project includes a space for FC Barcelona experiences, a large Megastore, a food hall, and a Barça Academy Pro that has been running since the summer of 2017. Since then, more than 1200 children have participated in the different activities organised at the facilities, which boast six training pitches with the capacity for one thousand athletes. It should be highlighted that during the same period, more than 5000 young people from the city of Haikou have been trained by Barça Academy coaches in the different football campaigns at local schools.

Event with Rakbank in Dubai

The Board of Directors have been informed about the programme which will be run by a Barça delegation, headed by director Oriol Tomás, in which they will travel to Dubai for the presentation of the new Rakbank credit card on Tuesday. Rakbank recently signed a 3-year regional sponsorship agreement with FC Barcelona, extendable by a further 2 years. Through this agreement, Rakbank are the Club's Official Bank in the United Arab Emirates.

The FC Barcelona delegation, which will also include ambassador Juliano Belletti, shall take part in various events with chief figures of this financial entity, and will visit the Barça Academy in Dubai. 

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