New method in place to apply for coach parking at the Camp Nou

New method in place to apply for coach parking at the Camp Nou

Official penyes may request parking on match days provided they fill out the online form in advance

If they so wish, the official Barça penyes may have a parking space at the Camp Nou on match days and, to do so, they must request it in advance by filling in this form.

When should they ask for it?

For weekend matches, this request must be made no later than Tuesday the same week before 11:59 pm. For midweek matches, the request must be made before 11:59 pm on Thursday of the week before the match.

Requesting parking for a specific match

  • Penyes that need a parking permit for a specific day should fill out the online form where they will be asked for logistical details, such as the coach's licence plate number.
  • They will receive the permit by email together with a locator number. Penyes must print the two things, and in the case of the parking permit, this must be printed in A4 format, in colour and using both sides of the sheet.
  • Using this system, there is no need to go through the ticket offices at the stadium.

Penyes that already have a season permit

  • Penyes that already have the parking permit FC Barcelona issues at the beginning of the season and which is valid throughout the period, must also access the form and fill it out.
  • There is no need for these penyes to print it because they have their permit, it is simply necessary for them to report that they wish to attend the game in question by means of the form for logistical and spatial planning reasons.

Invitations for drivers

In addition, coach drivers continue to have the opportunity to enjoy the game with one 3rd tier invitation per coach and thus to be able to see the football team in action, except for games against Real Madrid and knockout matches in European competitions. However, this invitation must be requested at the same time as requesting the parking permit with the online form and the invitation must be collected on the same day as the match from the ticket offices using the locator and driver's licence number. Invitations are limited to a maximum of 60 issues and will be handled in order of completion of the inscription form.


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