Ronaldinho, David Villa and Hristo Stoichkov talk FC Barcelona in New York

Ronaldinho, David Villa and Hristo Stoichkov talk FC Barcelona in New York

The three former players speak words of gushing praise for the club whose colours they defended so well during their time in Catalonia

Former FC Barcelona stars Ronaldinho, David Villa and Hristo Stoichkov were all there to see the new offices opened in New York. And all three of them had nothing but good words to say about a club whose history they shall forever be associated with:


"I am very happy to be here, the club has made a nice story. They remembered me, and I hope things work out well for Barça".

"The current squad is one of the best ever, full of great players. It’s a joy to watch them play."

David Villa

"The United States is a growing country in a footballing sense, and for me Barça is the best club in the world. So the fans want to have Barça here, and they want to see its players both from the current squad and from the past. They follow the club from afar."

"It’s fantastic that Barça has offices here, both for the club and for the people of New York, and also for football in the United States."

"I’m happy for all the good friends I have over there, both at the club and in the squad. And also for Luis Enrique, who has always been my football hero.” 

"Let’s hope they have a great season. They’ve put together a dream squad that any football fan will enjoy seeing, especially Barça fans."

Hristo Stoichkov

"Barça are doing a great job of supporting and helping all children around the world. That shows why it is the best club in the world, because it has the heart to do these things."

"Barça are still doing well by signing the players it most needs in order to improve, and there are some great young players coming out of the academy too.”

Força Barça
Força Barça

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