Arroyo: The main objective is commercial, but we must also transmit our values

Arroyo: The main objective is commercial, but we must also transmit our values

The vice-president responsible for marketing and communications explains the aims of the opening of FC Barcelona’s office in New York

Manel Arroyo, vice president of marketing and communications, explained in an interview with Barça TV that the principal objective of the Club’s opening of an office in New York is commercial, but that the intention is also transmit the values of the institution.

"The main objective of the office is, evidently, commercial, but we are a global reference for what we do as a club and, it is obvious that what we do at home, dealing with social aspects, development of youth, will also be a key part of this office,” Arroyo explained.

The office, situated on 250 Park Avenue, one of the most famous areas of Manhattan, will be inaugurated on Tuesday in the presence of the Club’s delegation led by Josep Maria Bartomeu, along with first vice-president Jordi Cardoner and vice-presidents Jordi Mestre and Manel Arroyo. Former player Ronaldinho will also be at the delegation’s side as the master of ceremonies.

“This office will help us obtain new revenues”

The opening of this new office is a strategic decision of the board to obtain new revenues. Arroyo states: “The club needs resources and this office will help us achieve them, but we also need to convey the message and the values that define us. Therefore, the schools and the FCB Foundation projectss that we are starting will be very important to spread this message.”

Arroyo also explained the reason for entering the United States, as it is “a country where sports marketing is a big industry and, here, as well as obtaining resources, we will certainly learn more and improve the management of our assets in this area."

Furthermore, Arroyo highlights the fact that football is fast-growing in this United States and that the Barça fan base has increased significantly in recent years: “The feedback we have from the United States is very good. And the best indicator is social media. In this area, we are the leading football club in the United States. It had been Manchester United, but now we are ahead.”

“More offices will open in the future”

This is the second permanent office of the club abroad. Since 2013, the club has been running an office in Hong Kong.

“With the opening of this office and what we have in Hong Kong, we can say that the club is always open, 24 hours a day,” before adding that "more offices will come in the future offices, in Beijing and Latin America for example. It's the beginning of a great project,” he concluded.

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