FC Barcelona will wear their third kit for the first time against Mönchengladbach

FC Barcelona will wear their third kit for the first time against Mönchengladbach

The new uniform includes two shades of green which are a modern take on a colour previously used and will be available from 1 November

FC Barcelona will show off a previously unseen side of themselves in their first away game of the 2016/17 Champions League campaign. Luis Enrique’s team will wear their third kit for the game on Wednesday against Borussia Mönchengladbach in the Borussia Park stadium. The kit consists of two new tones of green, which are a modern update on a colour FC Barcelona have previously worn with distinction.

The new third shirt boasts an energising tonal graphic print of dark green horizontal lines on a light glow green background, which fade as they reach the hem creating a sense of speed and movement.

The sleeves and shoulders are a contrasting glow green to frame this graphic print and emphasise the power of the shoulders, while the direction of the knit changes at the cuff to a vertical stripe to provide the shirt with a contemporary and tailored finish.  

When worn for night games this vibrant kit will glow and naturally highlight the players underneath the floodlights. The shirt also features a modern and clean v-neck collar, with a light glow green band on the back. Embedded in to the shirt are also details celebrating Barcelona’s rich history and culture.

On the back neck rib of the collar ‘Barça’ is knitted in to the shirt, while knitted inside the cuffs are the evocative words ‘Un Crit’ on the right, and ‘Valent’ on the left, which together translate from Catalan as ‘Our Cry is Bold.’

This is a rousing and emotional line, repeated twice, from the club’s official anthem Cant del Barça, which has been sung by fans before games at the Camp Nou for over four decades. On the back of the neck is a small woven Catalan flag the Senyera.

FC Barcelona’s unique font for the letters and numbers of the players on the new third kit has been inspired by the cuts and angles of the chimneys of the sentinels on Antoni Gaudi’s La Pedrera building in the city.  

The sides of the kit have a black stripe that runs the length of the shirt, and matching glow green shorts, which when the player is in motion expands to provide greater ventilation and reveal bold flashes of glow green underneath. To complete the kit the new third socks are glow green with a dark green linear graphic on the calf. 

Força Barça
Força Barça
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