Traditional plenary meeting held before the Assembly

Traditional plenary meeting held before the Assembly

The Confederations Council of Penyes meets for its plenary session 24 hours before the Delegates Assembly

Last Friday 28 October, the presidents of the Federations of FC Barcelona Penyes held their annual plenary meeting in the build-up to the Delegate Assembly 2016.

The event chaired by Antoni Guil began with an appraisal of the excellent attendance of the World Congress of Penyes 2016, which broke all previous records. Then, in order to work with the boards of each of the Federations, a proposal was made for a project for the organisation of the Confederation and the Federations.

In order to produce a communication plan for the World Confederation of Penyes, the company responsible for the project made a presentation to explain the basics of the plan.

Presentation of new website for transactions

The plenary meeting also included a presentation to its members of the new transactions website, which is already at the service of the FC Barcelona penyes. The initiative extends and improves the functionalities of the previous system, the online OAP, and should help to improve communication between the penyes and the club.

Penyes were also reminded that the need to update their club data before November 14 at 9:00am CET in order to obtain penya membership cards for 2017.

First vice-president Jordi Cardoner i Casaus and the director responsible for penyes, Pau Vilanova, then spoke about the need to continue strengthening ties between the movement and the club.

Presidents attend Assembly

As fully entitled delegate members, the presidents of each Federation attended, the following day, Saturday 29 October, the Delegate Assembly 2016 in representation of the more than sixteen thousand FC Barcelona members that also belong to supporters clubs.

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