Nike presents the FC Barcelona Masterclass

Nike presents the FC Barcelona Masterclass

The players exhibit one of the fundamental drills to the team's style of play in the latest Nike commercial

Possession, agility and speed in the pass is the brand and philosophy of FC Barcelona’s play. It is a unique way of understanding football and is one that is admired by all clubs in the world.

This style has helped the club earned unprecedented success, both domestically and internationally, becoming the best team in the world in recent years.

The methodology is visible around the world for the football that is played by the first team with its world stars, but it is also followed throughout all age groups of the club.

The touch, the vision, positioning and pressure on the opponent to recover the ball forms part of the Barça DNA.

One of the most common exercises seen on all Barça training grounds is the ‘rondo’ (piggy in the middle), fundamental to the team’s play. Take a look at the FC Barcelona Masterclass in the latest Nike commercial.


Relive the FC Barcelona training "rondo" in the following video. If you have trouble viewing the video, open it in YouTube.

Força Barça
Força Barça
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