Dr Jordi Monés signs an agreement between FCB Universitas and the University of Peking

Dr Jordi Monés signs an agreement between FCB Universitas and the University of Peking

Barça and the prestigious Chinese institution have created a centre of knowledge and innovation in sport and jointly develop university activities and models of sports management

Dr. Jordi Monés, Director at FC Barcelona and Comissioner of FCB Universitas Sport Innovation Hub, gave a talk on Saturday at the Principal Conference of the Forum “Sports Myths and Future Outlook” organised by the Guanghua School of Management at Peking University. Following this he signed, on behalf of the club together with Sr Mao Dawei, Vice Dean of the Guanghua School of Management, a strategic deal which will aid collaboration in the development of the sports industry in China and globally.

This agreement plans for the joint creation between FC Barcelona and Peking University Guanghua School of a Centre of knowledge and innovation in the sport industry (the PKU-GSM FC Barcelona Sports Management Center) which will allow the two institutions to develop activities and models of sport management together in a new Asian hub. The agreement includes, as one of the first activities, Chinese students from the business school travelling to Barcelona to take some courses in sports management from the first semester of 2017.

Through this alliance FCB Universitas, which is FC Barcelona's platform for research, investigation, education and innovation, will have a great opportunity to develop the task of acquiring, generating and transmitting knowledge and innovation. Moreover, it will allow the Barça brand to grow in this strategic country for the club.

Leaders in cultural and economic development

Peking University, created in 1898 (a year before the foundation of FC Barcelona), is the oldest and most prestigious higher education institution in China and is internationally recognised as a leader in education and in the modernisation of the Asian country. The institution contributes to the development of Chinese society based on the richness of their cultural legacy and the country's economic development through the Guanghua School of Management from 1985.

China backs football

China is going through an economic transition which was mainly based on investment and exports and is now becoming more centred on the service sector and consumption. Due to this situation, the country has a need to develop their capabilities and talents in sports management so that it can take on a prominent role in this new economy. The recent reforms presented by the Chinese government in the area of sport generally and football specifically is a clear indicator of the commitment from the country's leaders. It is worth noting that the Chinese government made football a mandatory subject in all schools in the country, which means 200 million children in Primary and Secondary schools around the country will play football regularly.

In this context, the creation of the Sports Management Center (SMC) by FCB Universitas and Peking University Guanghua School represent an excellent opportunity to develop a growing sports industry which will be a key component of the Chinese economy in the future.

Statement from Dr. Jordi Monés, FCB Universitas Commissioner:

“Barça needs to be at the forefront of knowledge in order to maintain the levels of excellence in all areas of the club. This is an important agreement for FCB Universitas, which is the club platform for the acquisition, generation, dissemination and transfer of knowledge, and looks to create strategic alliances with the best scientific, cultural and higher education institutions in the world. This is the case with Peking University and the Guanghua School of Management.”

“Together we have created the Sport Management Center, where we will contribute all our experience and knowledge that the club has accumulated over the years in areas such as performance, methodology or sports management among others. Guanghua School of Management will contribute their experience and model of innovation in China, which will help consolidate us as a knowledge and innovation hub in the world of sport in Asia.”

“China is prioritising football and sport more generally, in order to improve their citizen's quality of life and make the most of the potential of their enormous population. They want to share their values with FC Barcelona in an enriching and successful synergy which will explore new forms of innovation.”

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