Arthur, Lenglet and Malcom full of praise for Valverde

Arthur, Lenglet and Malcom full of praise for Valverde

Three latest additions to the FC Barcelona squad discuss life at the new club and under their new manager in an informal chat at their San José hotel

Like three mates sat in a bar, Arthur, Clément Lenglet and Malcom, the three newest additions to Ernesto Valverde’s squad have discussed their first few days as part of the blaugrana set-up.

And their reactions to working under the first team coach formed one of the main topics of conversation.

“He has all the characteristics of a very precise manager” said Arthur, who was the first of the three to start training at the club this summer. “He’s very good at explaining each exercise, he instils confidence in his players and is a very clever reader of the game. It’s been a fantastic experience to work under him.”

Lenglet adds that “he spoke to me about adapting as quickly as possible. He likes to impose his rhythm on training sessions, and I like that.”

“He’s a very intelligent person” continues Malcom. “From the few times I have spoken to him, I can tell that he’s the ideal coach. He’s very patient with the way he explains things to people who don’t speak Spanish. He’s playing an important role in the way I’m getting to know the players.”

The trio also spoke about each other, and here’s what they had to say. To hear more, just click on the video above:


“I knew Malcom a bit already because he’s Brazilian. I knew what he’s like, how quick he is, and how skilful. And he scores goals. He’s already got two in two games.”

“I knew that Clément is a very technical defender, and very smart tactically. Off the field he’s like a Brazilian because of the way he speaks to everybody! He’s a real fun guy and we’ve got to know each other well.”


“They’re good players. I didn’t know about Arthur because he was playing in Brazil and I don’t get to watch games in the Brazilian League. But these two weeks have shown me just what a skilful player he is. He plays vertically, dribbles well, and can score too – he got a fine goal against Tottenham. I think he’s a great player.”

“I knew a bit about Malcom because he was playing in France. I played against him once, so I knew how quick he is, how good he is on the ball... And he can score from anywhere. Not many players can do that.”


“I’d seen Arthur playing games in Brazil. You could see that he’d end up in Europe. He’s a very good player and good for the team spirit. He speaks to everybody. It shows that he’s Brazilian!”

“I knew about Clément from the French league. They make top quality players in France. When I was there, he stood out as a great defender, who brought the ball out from the back and was very tricky to play against. Not many teams in Europe have defenders like him. And he’s also a really decent guy with a lovely family. We speak to each other in French.”

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