The Board of Directors' agreements

The Board of Directors' agreements

In the ordinary session, the Board agreed on EY becoming the Club's new auditor and on the new management structure for the Communications area

FC Barcelona's Board of Directors met for an ordinary session at the Camp Nou and discussed the following:

EY, the Club's new auditor

The Board have named EY, which is Ernst & Young's global organisation, as the new auditor for the Club and the Foundation for an initial period of three years (2017-2019).

They will start working on a limited revision of the first semester (July to December 2016). EY will replace Deloitte, who have been in charge of FC Barcelona's accounts since 2003.

EY is a world leader in auditing service, taxation and consultancy. Moreover, they have a lot of experience in the auditing football teams, with six La Liga clubs already using their services.

In 2015, EY supervised the recruitment processes for Espai Barça (new stadium project) with the Club looking to ensure maximum transparency and objectivity in the construction of the new Camp Nou and Palau Blaugrana.

New management structure for Communications area

The changes planned within the Club's Strategic Plan include a change to the management of the Club's Communications area, which is based on a new media structure divided into two areas: Professional Sports and Corporate.

This new organisational structure will adapt to the communication needs in the Strategic Plan and provides a better service to media outlets.

The two professionals responsible for the new areas have worked at the Club for a long time: José Manuel Lázaro, has been named head of Professional Sports Media and Toni Ruiz, has been named head of Corporate Media.

With this new model, the Club's communication activities will be integrated within the new area of Marca FCB ('FCB Brand') meaning the position of Director of Communication, occupied until now by Albert Roura, no longer exists. Albert Roura will leave the Club and we would like to thank him for his work and dedication and we wish him all the best in both a professional and personal capacity.

In the next weeks, the new Director of Marca FCB will join the Club. The Director will be in charge of the two new media areas and will be responsible for the management of the Club's corporate positioning and external projection. This person will also be in charge of strategic marketing, operative marketing, public relations and protocol.

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