FCB Universitas launches its platform for knowledge dissemination and online learning

FCB Universitas launches its platform for knowledge dissemination and online learning

FC Barcelona's programme for the generation and transmission of knowledge and innovation launches its first e-learning courses organised in collaboration with the Universidad Siglo 21

FCB Universitas, Sport Innovation Hub, the programme which generates and transfers the knowledge created by FC Barcelona will inaugurate, on Tuesday, its digital space for knowledge dissemination and online learning, which can be accessed via the Club's website (www.fcbarcelona.com/fcbuniversitas). This site offers courses organised in association with prestigious academic institutions from around the world, with content related to the five areas of knowledge that FCB Universitas focuses on: sport medicine, performance, technology, team sports and social sciences.

Educational programs are one of the activities promoted by FCB Universitas. These programs will be available online or on-campus depending on the courses and masters offered with the different universities and education centres that have agreed to collaborate. 

Applications now open for the first courses

The first online courses offered through the FCB Universitas site are being jointly organised with Universidad Siglo 21 and offer a programme with five certificates in the sports science area: high performance sport psychology, sports nutrition, technology and science applied to sport, neuroscience, and training in team sports. Each certificate contains four specific courses in each area, the contents of which have been developed by specialists at the Club in conjunction with academics from the Universidad Siglo 21.

The courses will begin from April onwards and are open to anyone who expresses an interest. However, prior knowledge of the subject matter is advisable. The admission process is already open and applications can be made directly through the new site that is being inaugurated today.

The certificates take four months to complete and each course starts on the 10th of each month and lasts for one month. Classes will be given in English, Spanish and Portuguese and observe the skills-based learning model.

The site also offers two certificates in sports management and marketing supervised by the social science area of FCB Universitas and which have been developed, in collaboration with Universidad Siglo 21, by prominent academics such as: Roger Pielke, from the University of Colorado; Sean Williams, from Clemson University; Philip Dover, from Babson College; and specialists in marketing such as Marcus Bach, of the Miami Dolphins, and James Condo, of the FIU Panthers.

A tool for knowledge dissemination

FCB Universitas is a crucial component of the 2016-2021 Strategic Plan and will shortly be presented in Barcelona. With the launch of this platform,  the programme is taking a step forward in its development towards the goal of becoming a leading figure on the world stage in the area of knowledge and innovation in sport.

The FCB Universitas programme follows a knowledge cycle with four different phases: incorporation, generation, dissemination and innovation. In each of these phases, FCB Universitas promotes an open and collaborative ecosystem with brands, universities and research centres from around the world. The digital platform aims to position the Club as a leading figure in knowledge dissemination in the sports world, through activities such as online streaming of workshops held by the Club, the launch of innovation challenges on a global scale, and online courses; which are a tool for sharing the Club’s knowledge.

Universidad Siglo 21, a leader in South America

The Universidad Siglo 21 is a leading institution in South America in the area of new technologies in education. With over 55,000 students, 12,500 graduates and 350 University Learning Centres throughout Argentina, Siglo 21 is the most popular private university in the country according to the official statistics provided by the Republic of Argentina's Minister for Education.

The institution's educational offer consists of over 100 programmes for undergraduates, graduates, postgraduates and continuous training delivered through their technology-based educational methodology.  Along with Ilumno, a group of leading universities in Latin America, Siglo 21 is at the forefront of the advances in the use of new technologies and innovation in the teaching process. The institution generates models that adapt to people's changing needs and time constraints.

Statements by Dr. Jordi Monés, FCB Universitas Commissioner:

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