FC Barcelona to hold elections to the Boards of the Federations of Penyes

FC Barcelona to hold elections to the Boards of the Federations of Penyes

All official clubs in the thirty territorial Federations are invited to take part

The March 28 was the first day of the election procedure to the boards of the Territorial Federations of FC Barcelona Penyes. All official FC Barcelona supporters clubs can take part in what will be first ballots since the creation of the World Confederation of Penyes in 2015.

Over the next few days, the club will be sending penyes this detailed information about election produce by regular mail too. All candidatures that wish to stand in the elections have to ask FC Barcelona (penyes@fcbarcelona.cat) for the following documents:

-Form for officially presenting a candidature to the Board of Directors of the Federation.
-Form for officially presenting guarantees of each of the penyes for the candidature.

The presentation of lists, which must consist of a president, one or more vice-presidents, a secretary, a treasurer and board members is scheduled for between March 30 and April 5, the deadline for official presentation of candidatures, which must be delivered in writing to the Central Election Board (penyes@fcbarcelona.cat) attaching the original documents as requested.

To be considered eligible, candidatures must present guarantees from at least 20% of the official penyes in the zone where they are standing. April 18 is the deadline for delivering these guarantees.

On April 21, FC Barcelona shall announce the lists of candidates and votes may be cast from April 24 to May 9.

The election procedure will end on the weekend of May 13 and 14 on occasion of the Extraordinary General Assembly, where votes shall be cast in person for any zones where more than one candidature is standing.

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