Supporters and Solidarity, an inseparable binomial

Supporters and Solidarity, an inseparable binomial

The solidarity actions of supporters position Barça as a point of reference in this area

If there is, within the world of Supporters Clubs, a topic that has gained prominence in an overwhelming way in recent years, this is solidarity. And it could not be otherwise taking into account that the Barça, champion of the values surrounding sport, has been increasingly focused on supporting and promoting campaigns in this area. And the Supporters Clubs, the Club‘s ambassadors across the world, are the ones that, in many cases, are best suited to carry out solidarity actions.

There are all kinds of activities in this area. Some go hand in hand with the Club or the FCB Foundation. A very clear example is the involvement of Supporters Clubs and Federations in the Solidary Supporters Club Member Day in 2015, when the movement mobilized more than 10,000 people from all points of Catalonia.

Many actions are also born of initiatives of their own, some of them propitiated by cases that experienced and suffered within their territories; the support to children with serious illnesses and needing treatments are a very common example. Also raising funds for local NGOs or participating in food, clothing, toys, or school supplies collections. The Barça has been a pioneer in this area and is a world reference. And, the Supporters Clubs have followed, with enthusiasm, this way. A supporterstastic road that still makes us bigger.

These are some of the most outstanding solidarity acts of supporters and federations:

-Penya d'Atenes

The Supporters Club of the Greek capital has been involved in helping Middle Eastern refugees by collaborating with schools created and managed by volunteers in which newcomers are taught the language of the country and given other knowledge and legal coverage.

-Penya Lombarda

The Supporters Club has cooperated in acts and activities of all kinds, both in Lombard and in Catalonia and has given life to projects like 'Alas Blaugrana' (Blaugrana Wings) to help the disabled or the solidarity calendar.

-Supporters’ Federation Murcia

It is undoubtedly one of the Clubs most involved in solidarity issues Supporters Clubs, guided by its president Juan Carrión, a person absolutely committed, for many years, to the fight against rare diseases.

-Supporters’ moviment Pedrito from Barcelona

This young Supporters Club of Santa Cruz de Tenerife has specialized, from its foundation, in solidarity collections at different times of the year.

-Supporters’ Federation Barcelonès Est

We should highlight the Football Tournament 7 in favor of research against Duchenne disease.

-Supporters’ Federation Ponent Nord

The Penya de la Seu implements a truly commendable support work aiding Cuba ́s hospitals. All kinds of sanitary equipment are collected and bought and periodically brought to the Caribbean island.

-Supporters’ Federation Barcelonès Oest

The entity has already organized two multitudinous solidarity days at the Camp Nou: the first one in the 1899 Auditori and the second one, to a tent in front of Tribune.

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