Gerard Piqué: There are many games left and the margin is small

Gerard Piqué: There are many games left and the margin is small

The homegrown defender is confident of the team turning things around in La Liga after the victory against Valencia

Following the 4-2 win over Valencia on Sunday, Gerard Piqué and several other first team players gave their thoughts on the result and what it means in the grand scheme of things.

“We love to attack and we are a very offensive team, but this also obviously opens up space at the back. To be a Barça defender is difficult because we are a unique team, there is no other that takes so many risks,” Piqué said.

The win puts Barça back within two points of leaders Real Madrid and the defender is confident of turning things around, saying: “I see La Liga as very possible. There are many games to go and the different between the leaders is very small”.

It was another marvelous display from Leo Messi, who scored two goals, and Piqué was more than happy to sing his friend’s praises.

“We are looking at the best player in history. We have become used to this and we think it’s normal, but we know that when he stops playing these things will be difficult to repeat.”

He also had praise for Luis Suárez, whom he described as “a very special player in his position”. He added that he is “a guarantee up front”.

Samuel Umtiti

“I am happy to have been able to achieve this one and to have started, but it is down to the work of the whole team. I hope the run continues.”

“It is true that in this (3-4-3) system we are more exposed defensively. We need to know how to find the necessary balance between defence and attack. In any case, the most important things is the victory.”

“When we lost the last game at the Riazor, we knew we had to win this one. Now we are eager for these international games to be over because, after, some very nice things can happen.”

Andrés Iniesta

“We were in control for almost all of the match. They profited from a corner and from a counter-attack when they found us a bit unorganized, but the team did well.”

“The team put in a great performance and we continue fighting. We intend to not fail in case those ahead drop points. Few matches remain but it is our duty to fight until the end for this league.”

Força Barça
Força Barça

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