Barça players postgame quotes: FC Barcelona 4–1 Villarreal

Barça players postgame quotes: FC Barcelona 4–1 Villarreal

“Scoring four against them means we did a good job,” Gerard Piqué said after the game Match report: Pressure pumping victory Leo Messi scores his 50th goal of the season! Check out video highlights of the rout

Gerard Piqué:

On how big Messi’s first goal was:

“Yes, [scoring] in the last minute of the first half can always get your opponents down. In general terms, we played a great game against a great team. We scored four goals and could have gotten more.”

On the difficulty of each game remaining:

“At this point in the season every game is difficult. Las Palmas is also a tough team, but based on status and level of play, Villarreal is definitely a more difficult opponent.”

On Neymar:

“Neymar has some exceptional traits. He’s magic. It seems as if these days he doesn’t get enough credit, since hitting the post is considered better than a great move. What he does is incredible.”

On the chance Real Madrid will drop points:

“I have confidence even in Granada. Football games are 90 minutes long and anything can happen. We did what we had to do.”

On breaking through Villarreal’s defense:

“We played a great game against a team that doesn’t give up many goals. Scoring four against them means we did a good job. We want to put pressure on Madrid.”

“They were way back on defense, looking for the counterattack with their speedy forwards. We’re happy with the win.”

On the team’s current dynamic:

“We have been playing well for several games now and we are winning. Not having to play midweek means we’re more well rested and we can feel it in our legs.”

On the remaining schedule for Barça and Madrid

“We have two more games left and they have four, and we hope they slip up in one of them.”

Samuel Umtiti

“We knew we were playing against one of the best defenses, but with the players we have we always have chances. And that’s the way it way.”

“We defenders have to be very focused to keep our opponents from getting scoring chances.”

“Neymar is phenomenal. We’re very happy for him and the team.”

Andrés Iniesta

“Mission: accomplished. We grabbed another three points and we hope [Real Madrid] drop some of theirs. Now we have to get ready for the next one."

“Villarreal is a very good defensive team that knows what to do with the ball. We tried to find space up the field, where our forwards can take over the game. We were effective.”

“Neymar and the team in general played a great game, a complete game in which individual plays made the difference.”

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