John McKay

John McKay

NY Mets

Company / Club:

NY Mets

Position inside the Company/Club:

Executive Director Security

Speaker Biography:

John McKay was a NYC Police Officer (NYPD) for 25 years, retired in 2014 as a Lieutenant and joined the NY Mets baseball club as a Senior Director of Security. Promoted to Executive Director of Security at the end of the 2015 season. Entering my 4th season with the Mets. Responsible for all game day/event security, physical protection of the stadium, fans entering and exiting the stadium, executive protection, also a liaison for all local, state and federal law enforcement.  

Presentation Title:

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drones) Stadium Security

Presentation Synopsis:

Implement a process whereby stadium security, team security, local and state first responders share information regarding potential threats. Institute strategies for detecting pre-operational surveillance and other suspicious activities that may provide pre-incident indicators. Establish a process by which security staff, non-security staff, and members of the general public can report suspicious activity. Encourage personnel to take notice of, and report immediately, any unattended packages, devices, briefcases, backpacks and any other unusual materials. Inspect items brought into venue by spectators, vendors and employees. Maintain a visible presence of security personnel conducting vehicle and foot patrols that vary in size, timing and routes. Strictly enforce access control procedures to critical areas of the facility. Ensuring proper identification and credentials for employees, support staff, and first responders at event. Consider conducting pre and post event sweeps of the venue. Evacuation routes. Surrounding transportation structures. Secondary targets.



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