Procedure for collecting tickets for away trips

Procedure for collecting tickets for away trips

For security purposes, the procedure for collecting tickets for away matches will be the same as it was for the 2016-17 season

Penyes may continue to use the penyes procedure website as a platform for ordering tickets. Also, like last season, the ticket collection process for games played away from home in the Champions League, La Liga and Spanish Cup (apart from finals) will continue to be available under the same conditions:

-Each ticket must be assigned by each penya to one of its members.

-Tickets are personal and non-transferable and must be collected by the bearer of the same on due identification with national ID or passport. Authorisations for collection by the penya or member for other person’s to collect tickets shall not be accepted.

-Tickets may not be transferred to any other person who is not the bearer of the same as assigned by the penya.

-Collection must be in the town or city where the game is being played. As soon as the club has this information, is will be posted in the “Club Documentation” section of the procedures website, and penyes with confirmed tickets shall be notified at the email address sent from the penyes procedures management site.

-For away trips where the club considers a wristband to also be necessary, these shall be fitted by a member of FC Barcelona staff as an indispensable condition accepted by the ticket bearer.

-Once tickets have been paid for, cancellations and/or reimbursements shall not be accepted for these tickets.

-For security purposes, no changes may be made to the name of the bearer of the ticket once it has been allocated and paid for.

As you know, all transactions, including application, allocation, confirmation and payment of tickets must always be made via the penyes procedures website, which was set up last season to provide a better service to FC Barcelona penyes and their members.

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