When and where to watch FC Barcelona v Juventus

When and where to watch FC Barcelona v Juventus

Our worldwide TV and kick-off guide to viewing the first Champions League game of the 2017/18 season at the Camp Nou

The Champions League is back on Tuesday with Barça at home to Juventus in what is an 8.45pm CET kick-off local time, while this page should help you find out when the game is starting in your part of the world – and also includes information on global broadcasters.

If the game isn’t being shown in your country or region, don’t panic. Shortly before kick-off, a link will appear on the home page to our live English language commentary on Radio Barça, and you can also receive updates on the action at Camp Nou as it happens on our Twitter feed.

Tuesday, 12 September

Canada – Vancouver (11.45 AM) / Toronto (2.45 PM)
FCBarcelona: @fcbarcelona & www.fcbarcelona.com@fcbarcelona_fra & www.fcbarcelona.fr

United States – Los Angeles (11.45 AM) / New York (2.45 PM)
FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona & www.fcbarcelona.com

Latin America – Mexico City (1.45 PM) / Bogota (1.45 PM) / Santiago (2.45 PM) / Buenos Aires (3.45 PM)
FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona_es & www.fcbarcelona.es

Brazil – Brasília (3.45 PM)
FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona_br & www.fcbarcelona.com.br

Africa – Dakar (6.45 PM) / Yaoundé (7.45 PM) / Cape Town (8.45 PM)
FCBarcelona: @fcbarcelonawww.fcbarcelona.com@fcbarcelona_fra & www.fcbarcelona.fr

United Kingdom – London (7.45 PM)
FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona & www.fcbarcelona.com

France – París (8.45 PM)
FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona_fra & www.fcbarcelona.fr
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Barcelona (8.45 PM)
FCBarcelona: www.fcbarcelona.catwww.fcbarcelona.es@fcbarcelona_cat & @fcbarcelona_es
TV3, Antena 3, Movistar+

Turkey – Istanbul (9.45 PM)
FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona_tr & www.fcbarcelona.com

Russia – Moscow (9.45 PM)
FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona & www.fcbarcelona.com

Arab Countries – Doha (9.45 PM)
FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelonawww.fcbarcelona.com, @fcbarcelona_ara & www.fcbarab.com                      

Wednesday, 13 September

India – New Delhi (0.15 AM)
FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona & www.fcbarcelona.com                                                                                    

Indonesia – Jakarta (1.45 AM)
FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona_id & www.fcbarcelona.co.id                                                                              
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China – Beijing (2.45 AM)
FC Barcelona: www.fcbarcelona.cn

Japan – Tokyo (3.45 AM)
FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona_jp & www.fcbarcelona.jp                                                                                  
Sukachan 0, SKY PerfecTV LIVE

Australia – Sydney (4.45 AM)
FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona www.fcbarcelona.com                                                                                    
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Força Barça
Força Barça

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