Video interview: Andrés Iniesta talks then and now at FC Barcelona

Video interview: Andrés Iniesta talks then and now at FC Barcelona

The Barça midfielder, who recently signed a lifetime contract with the Club, sits down to talk about how he has grown over the years

I’m a person who has very clear ideas," Barça captain Andrés Iniesta said when he sat down with us to talk about his new lifetime contract. "And since the day I arrived, my only mission was to triumph here at Barça."

Mission: accomplished.

The 33-year-old midfielder, who has won 30 trophies since joining Barça's first team 15 years ago, has been a true success story. But it didn't come easy, he said.

"My beginnings with the first team were not easy, but I always knew that what I wanted was to triumph here, no matter how difficult it was, no matter how much I played."

Iniesta: “The biggest challenge I have faced is I have learnt to continue to enjoy training and playing football, being happy and motivated with what I do.” Until when? “Until wherever I can get to, I hope it is a long time. Until that point I will focus on what is important.”

When asked about his best moment with Barça, the Spanish international chose two. One is the goal at Stamford Bridge because “it is the most magical I have experienced on a personal level.” The other is my debut: “Until that day it was a dream and from that day on I had different dreams.”

Iniesta also discusses his life outside of football: “It is difficult but now I can disconnect from football. Having three kids at home keeps you busy day to day. It is beautiful to have the opportunity to spend time with them and watch them grow.” Moreover, he believes his experience allows him to “see things differently than I did before as I try and show my happiness off the pitch when I am playing.”

To finish, he admits to having his trophies all spread out in different places: “They are all over the place. I have some in my village, at my parents’ house, and I also have some some at my place…Almost everything I have is everyone’s, my people’s. This is how I understand it.”

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