Naturpellet Segòvia - Barça Lassa: Valuable victory with a thrilling finale (7-8)

Naturpellet Segòvia - Barça Lassa: Valuable victory with a thrilling finale (7-8)

Barça Lassa's first half performance helped them to stave off a second half reaction from their opponents

FC Barça Lassa took a 7-8 win against Naturpellet Segovia on Friday night, ending a run of two games without a victory. Andreu Plaza's men enjoyed a great first half, but saw their 0-6 lead at the break cut before the end -although they held on to claim all three points.

The game began in perfect fashion for the Catalans, and just two minutes in Sergio Lozano had already opened the scoring. A minute later, Ferrao (who recently renewed his contract with the club), extended the advantage with a nicely hit half volley. Segovia had two chances through Javi Alonso, but Juanjo responded with a pair of spectacular saves

Goals galore before the break

Dyego finishes off a Rivillos assist to take the score to 0-3 (min.10), and Adolfo (min. 15), Joao with a free kick (min. 16) and Esquerdinha (min. 20) made it 0-6 at half time.

In the second period, however, the home side responded from the get-go. Sergio pulled a goal back (min 21), before Rivillos restablished the advantage at 1-7 (min. 24).

A brace from Alvarito (min. 29 and 31), a strike from Cidao (min. 35) and another Sergio goal (min. 38) meant that the score was 5-7 with just two minutes remaining.

Frenetic final minute

Seconds later, Ferrao popped up to score (5-8, min. 38), leading to a crazy final minute. Dyego missed a pair of double penalties, then Sergio (6-8, min. 40) and Buitre (7-8, min. 40) got goals for their respective sides. Barça held on for the win, largely due to their first half goal spree.

Força Barça
Força Barça
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