Spanish Cup final tickets for Penyes

Spanish Cup final tickets for Penyes

The request process for tickets for FC Barcelona supporters clubs will be between March 19 and Match 22, through the processing portal

The FC Barcelona supporters clubs have the chance to watch a Spanish Cup final involving their club this year. It will take place at the Wanda Metropolitao stadium in Madrid on April 21, against Sevilla.

Ticket requests will be taken through the processing portal between March 19 and 22. On March 23, tickets will be divided up and the Federations will be informed.

On March 26 tickets will be assigned to the supporters clubs who have correctly ade their request and, later, the corresponding checks and validations for all attendees will be undertaken.

Payment must be made between March 29 and April 2 and collection will be open from April 20 and 21 in Madrid.

Conditions and information about the ticket request process

It is fundamental that the supporters groups and their members bear in mind the following requisites for the requesting of 2018 Spanish Cup final tickets:

-The deadline for signing up as penyistes to be able to attend the Final will be March 21. There will be no exceptions.

-The location of tickets for members and supporters clubs pertain to different collectives and areas, and thus cannot be joined together. Likewise, all tickets assigned to a supporters club must be of the same price.

-We remind you that the price of tickets ranges from 45 to 190 euros.

-Any duplicitation with another ticket (data crossed between those of members) will result in both tickets being annulled.

-The name of the member and/or supporters group member must coincide with the person who will attend the Final. No ticket will be given to any person who is not the owner. For this reason, we request that you avoid providing names that do not correspond to the person attending the game.

-Check that the details on the supporters clubs census are correct, as DNI validation when claiming tickets will be done through these details.

-Add email addresses of the attending members in order to be able to prove their ticket assignation. This receipt will be send to the email addresses of the corresponding supporters clubs.

-Tickets will be collected in Madrid, at Pavelló número 2 d’IFEMA (Avda. Partenón, 5) on April 20  (12pm to 8pm) and April 21 (9am to 8pm). Tickets will be personal and non-transferable, so may only be collected with a valid DNI or equivalent document (driving licence or passport).

-Authorisations or collective collections made by members, supporters clubs or federations will not be accepted.

-Minors will have to be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian, with their DNI. In the event that they do not have a DNI, they will have to bring the Llibre de Família. Should the person accompanying the minor not be their legal guardian (for example, their uncle) they must be authorised by those responsible for the child with the pertinent documentation.

-No changes in ticket names will be possible.

-Supporters clubs registered in the EDA (Espai d’Animació) and who wish to attend the final in the area designated for this group, must request their ticket through the OAB. If a person from this collective has a ticket asssigned for a supporters group, they will not be able to change places.

-The supporters club that needs a ticket for the wheelchair area will have to make their request expressley through the OAE (Office for Specialised Attention).


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