FC Barcelona and Figueras Seating sign agreement to incorporate utmost comfort and innovative design in VIP seats at Spotify Camp Nou

FC Barcelona and Figueras Seating sign agreement to incorporate utmost comfort and innovative design in VIP seats at Spotify Camp Nou

World-renowned specialist in seating solutions becomes the ‘VIP Seating Supplier’ to Espai Barça for two seasons, from 1 July 2025 to 30 June 2027

FC Barcelona and Figueras Seating have signed a partnership agreement whereby the world-renowned specialist in fixed and mobile seating solutions becomes the new VIP Seating Supplier to Espai Barça for two seasons, from 1 July 2025 to 30 June 2027. Through this deal, the club is adding a new strategic partner to its landmark project, whose innovative designer seating will be used in the new stadium to ensure the utmost comfort for all the fans enjoying the match day experience from one of the Barça Hospitality spaces.

The partnership between the club and Figueras is to be included in the sponsorship programme associated with the future Spotify Camp Nou, thus further reaffirming FC Barcelona’s commitment to building an innovative stadium featuring all the latest advances for benefit of the almost 105,000 spectators who will be attending on match days. This agreement also showcases FC Barcelona’s insistence on excellence and innovation, ensuring that the new facilities will serve as a corporate and collaboration springboard for a Catalan company of such international repute in the sector as Figueras.

This is yet another opportunity for the sponsorship programme created specifically for Espai Barça, one of the most important projects in the club’s history and which has become a platform full of new opportunities, to offer both B2C and B2B companies like Figueras the chance to take full advantage of the global impact and prestige of FC Barcelona.

And in alignment with the club’s traditionally proud support for its Catalan origin and roots, Figueras is a fine example of how companies from Barcelona and Catalonia with a clear international vocation are keen to join the project by becoming partners of Espai Barça, which is so closely tied to the city and country and that is set to become a global benchmark.

Espai Barça, more than a stadium

Espai Barça is a revolutionary project in the sports and entertainment world. It includes the redevelopment of the iconic Spotify Camp Nou into the finest sports complex in the centre of a large city and incorporates the revolutionary new range of VIP products offered by Barça Hospitality, which will be of even higher quality in the new stadium, as well as being three times as big. The future venue will have room for no fewer than 9,400 Premium supporters in its different seats and boxes.

In alignment with this, and as part of the agreement, the new Figueras seats will enhance the comfort for all fans coming to the stadium to watch matches from any of the VIP seats. The designs blend seamlessly into the different spaces and are made with sustainable materials and high-efficiency production techniques. Being such an integral part of Barça’s DNA, sustainability is one of the cornerstones of the project, an aspect that is further boosted by this new alliance, since Figueras Seating designs its products in full consideration of their environmental impact and adhering to the principles of the circular economy.


Statement by Juli Guiu, vice-president of the FC Barcelona Marketing Area

 “The agreement with Figueras Seating is another example of the club's commitment to building a new innovative stadium, which will offer the finest of experiences to all fans who come to Spotify Camp Nou to enjoy a match from the most premium seats. The VIP seats need to be as comfortable as possible in a facility that intends to offer such a revolutionary hospitality product and that aspires to become a benchmark in the world of sport and entertainment.”

Statement by Marta Ferrer, Iberian Business Development Director at Figueras Seating

"Figueras Seating first worked with FC Barcelona in 1972, installing more than 60,000 seats. Since then, we have continued to work with the club, so we fully understand its evolution. Spotify Camp Nou poses a significant challenge, not only for the club, but also for us, as we must guarantee an excellent experience for members by offering maximum comfort in our VIP seats, which we have adapted to meet the expectations and requirements of the new space.

Figueras’ commitment is aligned with the demands of a club such as FC Barcelona, as well as those of the sports and entertainment sector. We prioritise durability and flexibility in our products, but above all commitment to the environment. We design our seats with sustainable materials and efficient production techniques, thus contributing to a greener future for everyone.”

Força Barça
Força Barça

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