Porto 33 - 33 Barça: Comeback falls short

Porto 33 - 33 Barça: Comeback falls short

Carlos Ortega's men were 7 goals down, recovering in the second half to fall just short of the win

Barça's handball team tied against Porto in the sixth round of the Champions League group stage, leaving them in second place in group B, one point behind the leaders.


A tough game with Porto strong in both defence and attack, and Barça having to work hard to turn it around, especially when it was 21-14 in the 35th minute. They did mount a comeback though, with the final score of 33-33 representing what was a very even contest.

Porto seize the initiative

Porto's solidity in defence stopped Barça from playing their quick game, going up 3-0 after 5 minutes. However, despite Barça turning it around to take the lead for the first time though Aleix Gómez in the 17th minute., the Portuguese side weren't cowed and took the lead again to go in 17-14 ahead at half time.

Second-half reaction

Better in both defence and attack, Barça played their part in a contest that ebbed and flowed to make the score 30-31 in the 26th minute.

Controversial end and a tie

The scoreboard was 33-33 with one minute to go and there was a chance for either side to take the win. Porto had a great chance but Gonzalo made superb stop. Barça then scored on the break but Ortega was deemed to have called a time-out, with the whistle blown, so the goal was ruled out and the tie was confirmed.


FC Porto, 33
Barça, 33

Porto: Frandsen, António Areia, M'Bengue, Rui Silva, Victor Iturriza, Sliskovic, Diogo Branquinho – starters - Mitrevski (ps), Veitia Valdés, Salina, Fernandes, Pedro Cruz, Magalhães.

Barça: Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas, Blaz Janc, Dika Mem, Fabregas, Ali Zein, N’Guessan, Aitor Ariño – starters - Leo Maciel (ps), Aleix Gómez, Frade, Ángel Fernández, Makuc, Langaro, Thiagus Petrus.

Interim scores: 3-0, 6-4, 7-7, 9-10, 13-12, 17-14, 21-15, 23-18, 25-24, 27-26, 30-30, 33-33.

Referees: Mads Hansen, Jesper Madsen.

Força Barça
Força Barça

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