Movistar Inter (3-3; 2-3) Barça: Back to the Palau!

Movistar Inter (3-3; 2-3) Barça: Back to the Palau!

Andreu Plaza's team won the game via a penalty shootout and forced a third game as a result

In an intense contest and despite monopolising the initial chances, it took a while for Barça to find a goal. A combination between Adolfo and Coelho resulted in the only goal of the first half on 15 minutes.

Andreu Plaza's men were unable to maintain their defensive concentration in the second half and Boyis soon drew the hosts level. Marcenio's goal just before the half hour restored Barça's advantage, before Fer Drasler pegged them back once more.


Aicardo surprised everyone and astonished Herrero by scoring from his own half in overtime, but almost immediately Tino Pérez made Barça pay for another lapse in concentration. That meant the winner would be decided from the spot.

The 2-3 on penalties ensures a third game of this exciting quarterfinal series of the playoffs. On Wednesday 9 June (8.00pm CEST), the Palau Blaugrana will decide who advances to the semi-finals.


Movistar Inter, 3 (2)
Barça, 3 (3)

Movistar Inter: Herrero, Boyis, Eric Martel, Cecilio and Dani Saldise -starters- Pito, Borja, Raya, Pola, Fer Drasler 
Barça: Dídac, Marcenio, Aicardo, Daniel and Ferrao -starters- Dyego, Esquerdinha, Coelho, Adolfo, Matheus, Joselito

Goals: 0-1, Coelho (min. 15); 1-1, Boyis (min. 24); 1-2, Marcenio (min. 29); 2-2, Fer Drasler (min. 33); 2-3, Aicardo (min. 42); 3-3, Pito (min. 43)
Penalties: 0-0, Boyis (save Dídac); 0-1, Ferrao (goal); 1-1, Dani Saldise (goal); 1-2, Coelho (goal); 2-2, Pola (goal); 2-2, Esquerdinha (save Herrero); 2-2, Cecilio (post); 2-2, Daniel (save Herrero); 2-2, Borja (post); 2-3, Aicardo (goal)

Officials: Felipe Madorrán and Urdáñoz Apezteguía. Yellow cards for Raya, Pito, Dyego, Ferrao, Daniel, Coelho, Dídac Plana and Esquerdinha

Photo: Sandra Santiago 

Força Barça
Força Barça

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