Real Madrid 76-81 FC Barcelona: Another win in Madrid!
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Real Madrid 76-81 FC Barcelona: Another win in Madrid!

In a match that was very equal right up until the end, Barça earned victory 21 in the Euroleague

Barça's energy was evident from the off at the WiZink Center, kicking off with a 0-7 run in a game that was frenetic and played with a high rhythm. The Catalans subdued Los Blancos in the opening exchanges, and though the hosts eased their way back into the game, scoring regularly, it was the visitors who led at the end of the first period (19-24).

The exchange of baskets continued right up until the break, when the teams went in 38-41, with Tàrregat, Kuric and Calathes leading Barça's charge.

Maximum equality

Pablo Laso's side began to contain the away side, and despite their best efforts to surge ahead, Barça could never pull away from hosts who were not going to let this one go easily. By the end of the third period, there was still just three points in it (54-57).

Madrid quickly went into the lead in the final quarter, but some excellent play between Mirotic, Calathes and Orihuela turned the tide back in Barça's favour. The win at the WiZink Center was the Catalans 21st victory in the Euroleague.

Match Details

Real Madrid, 76
Barça, 81

Real Madrid: Alocen (8), Taylor (5), Deck (17), Tyus (4) and Tavares (16) -starters- Causeur (3), Garuba (1), Thompkins (-), Laprovittola (6), Abalde (11) and Carrol (5)
Barça: Calathes (11), Higgins (8), Claver (-), Mirotic (13) and Oriola (18) -starters- Davies (7), Kuric (11), Smits (3), Hanga (5) and Abrines (5)

Periods: 19-24; 19-17 / 16-16; 22-24

Officials: Borys Ryzhyk, Carmelo Paternico and Saso Petek

Força Barça
Força Barça

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