Electoral calendar

Electoral calendar

The process for the members to elect the FC Barcelona Board of Directors takes in the following phases and calendar. 

The calendar for the electoral process begins on 16 December with the publication of the announcement of the elections and ends on 24 January with the celebration of the elections for the FC Barcelona Board of Directors. 

Electoral Calendar

December 16th,                     

Publication of the announcement of the elections

December 16th,                      

Public draw at the social headquarters of the club for the appointment of the members of the Assembly and Electoral Council

December 21st and 22nd,     

Constitution and assuming of roles on the Assembly and Electoral Council, and appointment of president and secretary.

December 23rd to 27th,       

Exhibition of provisional electoral census, and any claims against it.

December 28th to 30th,       

Resolution of claims against the provisional census and approval of the definitive electoral census by the Electoral Meeting.

January 1st to 11th,               

Presentation of proposals for candidates finalised before the Electoral Meeting.

January 11th to 14th,            

Announcement of candidates.

January 15th to 22nd,           

Electoral campaign

January 23rd,                      

Day of reflection

January 24th,                        

Election day. Held simultaneously at all venues from 9am to 9pm. Scrutineering. Announcement of winners.


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