Agreements by the Board of Directors

Agreements by the Board of Directors

Following Thursday's ordinary session, which was held remotely, here is a summary of the decisions reached

The FC Barcelona Board of Directors met online today for an ordinary session, and made the following agreements:

Restructuring of the football scouting department

The Board of Directors has approved a new structure of the football scouting department, following on from an analysis that started in January, with the aim of improving its efficiency. With this measure, the idea is to strengthen a department of major strategic importance to the club's sporting affairs, and the plans will affect all levels, from youth teams through to the first team.

Reopening of the Camp Nou Museum and Barça Store to coincide with the return of football

As part of the easing of lockdown measures and the return to normality, the Board of Directors has reviewed its plan to reopen the Museum and the Barça Stores at Camp Nou and elsewhere, under the terms and conditions set by the health authorities.

The plan is to reopen these facilities in the week of June 8. The Museum will be offering a special entrance fee of 10 euros for local residents, and will remain free of charge for club members and, extraordinarily, for a guest as well.

The Board has been informed of the work being done to make all of its premises clean and safe spaces both for its athletes and workers, as well as for all the members and fans who will make use of them.

As part of the eased lockdown conditions, the store in Passeig de Gracia, Barcelona has already been reopened since Monday.

'Here we all play' at Camp Nou for Atlético's visit

The Board of Directors has approved the 'Here we all play' action to take place at the Camp Nou on occasion of the Liga fixture with Atlético Madrid, whereby members, supporters and fans from all around the world will be able to fill part of the stands with official first-team shirts personalized with their names. Supporters clubs will also be invited to fly their banners.

The 15,000 shirts will go on sale at a price of 65 euros, and will also bear a commemorative inscription. Part of the revenue will go to the Barça Foundation to fight the socio-economic consequences of Covid-19 and, more specifically, to the Red Cross of Catalonia program that provides basic food baskets for the most at-risk families and children.

These jerseys can be ordered from June 15 via the club website, with the personalisation and payment procedures happening at the same time. Once the game is over, the Club will send all of the shirts to the buyers' addresses.

Força Barça
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