Barça 9-3 Deportivo Liceo: Undisputed leaders

Barça 9-3 Deportivo Liceo: Undisputed leaders

A hat-trick by Pau Bargalló, braces by Matias Pascual and Pablo Álvarez and goals from Joao and Ignacio Alabart increase league lead to six points

Barça won 9-3 against Deportivo Liceo at the Palau Blaugrana on Tuesday night, increasing their lead in the league's overall standings to six points plus goal average. They bested their closest rivals thanks to goals from Matias Pascual (x2), Pablo Álvarez (x2), Joao and Ignacio Alabart, as well as a hat-trick for Pau Bargalló -who had received the MVP award for the previous year's OK Liga campaign before the game.

Bargalló scored early off an assist from Hélder Nunes (1-0, min 5), but the pressure from Liceo was high -especially in the first half and opening moments of the second period. After Dava Torres and Maxi Oruste had chances to extend the lead, Franco Platero scored Liceo's equaliser (1-1, min 17). However, by halftime justice was done: First when a pass by Alabart was smashed in by Matias Pascual (2-1, min 20), then a potent effort by Bargalló which went into the top corner l(3-1, min 21).

The second period was a different dynamic, with Liceo more closed off and Barça controlling the attacking play. Further goals were added when a brilliant Hélder Nunes pass was deflected in by Bargalló, completing his hat-trick (4-1, min 28), and Marc Grau scored for Liceo from a foul shot (4-2, min 34) and a strategic strike  (4-3, min 37).

A dominant final spell

Barça would not let the game get away from them, and smothered the reaction from Liceo.  Joao Rodriguez restored calm to the Palau with a penalty (5-3, min 38), whilst a solo move by Alabart (6-3, min 41) and a second goal by Matias Pascual (7-3, min 42) practically killed off the contest. Pablo Álvarez rounded things off with a brace (8-3, min 44; 9-3, min 48), allowing Barça to continue at the top of the OK Liga table.


Barça, 9

Deportivo Liceo, 3

Barça: Aitor Egurrola, Panadero, Pau Bargalló, Pablo Álvarez, Hélder Nunes –starting five- Alabart, Joao, Nil Roca, Matias Pascual.

Liceo: Carles Grau, Marc Grau, Roberto Di Benedetto, Franco Platero, Dava Torres –starting five- Maxi Oruste, Bruno Di Benedetto, Facundo Bridge, Ciocale.

Goals: 1-0, Bargalló (min 5). 1-1, Franco Platero (min 17). 2-1, Matias Pascual (min 20). 3-1, Bargalló (min 21). 4-1, Bargalló (min 28). 4-2, Marc Grau (min 34). 4-3, Marc Grau (min 37). 5-3, Joao (min 38). 6-3, Alabart (min 42). 7-3, Matias Pascual (min 42). 8-3, Pablo Álvarez (min 44). 9-3, Pablo Álvarez (min 48).  

Referees: Jonathan Sánchez, Daniel Picó.

Força Barça
Força Barça

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