Agreements by the Board of Directors

Agreements by the Board of Directors

The FC Barcelona board met on Tuesday at the Camp Nou for the following matters:

Coungratulations to the women's team and indoor hockey team

The Board of Directors wish to express their congratulations to the women's football team for their Spanish Super Cup win over Real Sociedad, as well as to the indoor hockey team for becoming Spanish champions.

Naming of a new Disciplinary Committee

The Board of Directors have approved the naming of Sònia Cano as a new member of the club's Disciplinary Committee, replacing Salvador Bartolomé, who left the committee last October.

Born in Barcelona in 1978, she has been an FC Barcelona member since 2010, with membership number 105388. A Doctor of Law from the University of Barcelona, since 2003 she has combined her profession with lecturing at the University of Barcelona as an associate lecturer.

Approval of the Sustainability Plan

After months of analysis and diagnosis about the social and environmental impact of the club's activities, the Board of Directors have approved for a Strategic Sustainability Plan to be put in place in the coming months. The aim is to establish the foundations to develop and implement a strategy and culture of sustainability in the entire organisation.

From a diagnostic perspective, the club have good social and environmental performance, through structures such as the Barça Foundation, Barça Innovation HUB, La Masía, and Espai Barça.

From now on, operational and strategic foundations have to be ensured to move towards the utmost sustainability, also directed at social development and the future environment.

Approval of the Barça Academy PRO Miami

The Board of Directors have approved the creation of the second Barça Academy PRO in the USA, in the city of Miami. It joins the existing academy in New York, in Long Island. Barça Academy PROs are run directly by the club, both in their sporting and economic sides. 

The Barça Academy PRO Miami will have a total of three headquarters spread around the city, to help bring it to a large number of players in the city centre and surrounding areas. It is the eleventh project for the club in the United States, the country with the most Barça Academy locations. There are 53 Barça Academies around the world, more than 180 Barça Academy Camps and more than 50 Barça Academy Clinics. The club have a presence in a total of 56 countries, with 45,000 children participating in promoted activities.

Presentation of the report on FC Barcelona's economic impact

The Board of Directors were informed about the event in which the results of the PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) study into the economic impact made by FC Barcelona will be presented. This report will be presented tomorrow at the Foment del Treball Nacional headquarters, and will be attended by president Josep Maria Bartomeu.

Season ticket holders waiting list

The Board of Directors approved, like every year, that season tickets which have been cancelled due to non-payment will be offered to members on the waiting list, in order of registration. This year, the number of season tickets withdrawn is 161. 

These season tickets will be valid from 2020/21, and those members who do not attend or turn down the seats proposed will be taken off the waiting list. Once the process is complete, the new numbering for the waiting list will be updated, and will be available for consultation on the club website.

Since the 2011/12 season, a total of 2,927 season tickets have been assigned. This figure represents the total for non-payment over these nine seasons, as well as those withdrawn due to an updating of the census in 2014/15, which made 1,038 season tickets available as an exceptional measure.

Support for those affected by the coronavirus in China

The Board of Directors agreed that this Saturday a charity event will be held in support of the Chinese population and those affected by the coronavirus epidemic declared in the country. This action, which will be carried out as part of the game between FC Barcelona and Getafe CF at the Camp Nou, also has the aim of raising awareness of preventing the exclusion of any person based on their origins, ethnicity or race.

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