Tickets on sale for the Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia

Tickets on sale for the Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia

Members and loyalty card holders will be able to buy tickets from December 11 at 4pm CET, through to December 19 at 7pm CET, and book travel through FC Barcelona Desplaçaments

Tickets for the Spanish Super Cup in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia are on sale from Wednesday, December 11 at 4pm CET, through to Thursday, December 19 at 7pm CET, for all members and loyalty card holders who wish to purchase them. The competition takes place from January 8-12, 2020.

FC Barcelona will make 2,040 packs available for the club's games in the competition. Those interested will have to purchase a ticket for the second semifinal and the possible final, with tickets in the same price category.

There will be four categories, the price of which will be chosen upon purchase, according to availability.

Should FC Barcelona not reach the final, the club will reimburse the price of the ticket that corresponds to this game.

CAT-1 LOW 36,09 € 84,21 € 120,30 € 480
CAT-1 UPPER 24,06 € 60,15 € 84,21 € 530
CAT-2 LOW 24,06 € 48,12 € 72,18 € 510
CAT-2 UPPER 18,04 € 36,09 € 54,13 € 520
        2040 tickets


To acquire tickets for the Spanish Supercopa, click on this link:

Competition calendar: 

08/01/2020         1st  semifinal  Valencia vs. R. Madrid (8pm)
09/01/2020         2nd semifinal  FC Barcelona vs. At. Madrid (8pm)
12/01/2020         FINAL (7pm)

Ticket for a guest

Both members and loyalty card holders may request a ticket for a guest. This guest, who need not be a member, must comply with the same requirements as members, and must be duly identified. The member will be responsible for the use of the ticket by the guest.

Each member or loyalty card holder will be able to make a purchase of one ticket pack, plus an addition one for their guest. Up to 4 members or loyalty card holders may be grouped together in the same request (maximum 4 members + 4 guests) and the same credit card may not be used to pay for more than 8 tickets. Once the purchase has been made, no modifications, returns or cancelations will be accepted.

Those who are not up to date with their membership fee, are sanctioned by the FC Barcelona Disciplinary Committe, and those under the age of 6 on January 9, 2020, will not be able to request tickets.

Once the purchase process has been finalised, a confirmation email will be sent.

Ticket collection

Collection will be made in Saudi Arabia, at the location and in the hours determined by the club. Tickets will not be able to be collected from a different location, nor outside the esstablished hours.

Tickets must be collected in person, with the membership card of the buyer, plus DNI or passport and ticket receipt.

For minors, the ticket may only be collected by the child, accompanied by their parent or legal guardian, or any other person with the legal authorisation of the parents/guardian, and they must have a photocopy of their DNI and Family Book.

No ticket will be handed over if the person attempting collection is not the member or guest who purchased it, and no authorisations will be accepted. During the handing over of the tickets, the member will have a security bracelet attached to their wrist.

FC Barcelona Desplaçaments travel

For the competition, FC Barcelona Desplaçaments are organising a special trip, leaving on January 8 and including 5 nights in a hotel, returning on January 13, for a price of 600 €.

FC Barcelona Desplaçaments are studying the possibility of offering different optional activities for January 10 and 11, when no games are played, such as a tourist trip through Jeddah or leasure activities in the desert or the Red Sea.

To see the complete programme and purchase travel tickets, go to the following link for FC Barcelona Desplaçaments: 

Força Barça
Força Barça

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