Griezmann, in 10 phrases

Griezmann, in 10 phrases

The new Barça striker tells Barça TV how he got into football, what it means to sign for Barça, and plenty more in between

On the beginning

"The beginning was difficult because I tried out to play for clubs and the answer was always negative. I was rejected because I was short. There was no problem for me because my football was in my legs. I continued working with the help of my father and, finally, Real Sociedad came along."

On Real Sociedad

“Finally, there was someone who was paying attention to my technique and not to my size. It gave me immense joy.”

"My parents couldn’t always afford to come to see me, 900km from home, and I couldn’t go home because I had games, school ... I only saw my family 10 days in December and, in the winter, with shorter days, there were some tough moments that could make you cry."

On his professional debut

"Real Sociedad gave me my first professional contract. We got the team promoted from Second to First Division and then qualified for the Champions League. It was the best place to grow and I learned a lot. I owe them everything.”

On Atlético

"I am lucky to have learned from Cholo Simeone. Thanks to him, I’ve been playing at a very high level."

"At Atlético, there's never a day off. It’s very physical and there’s a lot of hard work on tactics. Nobody can let their guard down."

“Missing the penalty kick in the Champions League final and losing that final, and then also losing in the Euro final with France in 2016 were very hard moments. After that, I went after the 2018 Europa League, and was sure I wouldn’t fail.”

On Barça

"It makes me proud and it's a 'mission accomplished.' Me and my family are very happy to be here. I'm ready, and I really want to wear this jersey, get out onto the grass in Camp Nou, and enjoy my new fans."

“Until now, I watched the games, I saw how they did it and then applied it in training sessions and on the field. Now I have it in person, and I hope we connect in our matches and have a lot of fun.“


“He’s the number one. Like LeBron James is the image of basketball. Messi is the image of football, because he’s different than the rest. This kind of thing only comes around once every 30 years or more."

New goal celebration

"I'm working on a new celebration for Camp Nou. I hope it works well, but I can’t give it away.”

Contributing to Barça

"I am not thinking about a specific number of matches, nor assists. Surely we will have fun both on and off the field, and I am here to help with everything I can. I will bring happiness."

Força Barça
Força Barça

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