Top 10 quotes from De Jong's interview

Top 10 quotes from De Jong's interview

The Dutch midfielder has spoken in depth in an interview on Barça TV, and here are the highlights

Excited, expectant and keen to prove his worth, Frenkie De Jong has arrived at FC Barcelona and is already settling into his new home. The Dutch midfielder has just enjoyed a cracking season at Ajax, and is now one of the most talked about players in the world.

But the talking that we are most interested in is that coming from the mouth of the man himself, and that’s exactly what we have here. The new darling of the Camp Nou spoke in depth on a special ‘Benvingut De Jong’ show on Barça TV, and here are what we believe to be the ten standout quotes from a fascinating piece of video.

Where it all started

“It started in the garden at home when I was just three, and then at Arkel, the club in my town. I played in midfield because that’s where my dad had played. For me it’s very important to be able to read the game well. I like to know what’s happening around me”.

Willem II

“I went for a trial and they said I could stay. It was all very well organised and the school was just a five minute walk away. They helped me a lot and I was there from 7 to 17 years of age. They taught me a lot of things about football and life”.

Ajax-Barça connection

“I was proud to join Ajax. I’ve a great time there and the tactical work is top level. The philosophy is very similar to at Barça. And evidently because of Cruyff”.

2018/19 season

“I won the league for the first time in my career and I also know what it feels like to get knocked out in the Champions League semi-finals. We had a very good tactical plan and some top quality players”.

Signing for Barça

“It means a lot to me that a club as big as Barça has done all it has done to sign me. It makes me feel very proud.”

Why Barça?

“It was always the club where I wanted to play and now it’s happening. Barça have always tried to play attractive football and to win a lot of titles playing with the best players of all time. It has always been my dream to come here.”

Tocs De Jong

Advice from Koeman

“He was very enthusiastic when I told him I was going to sign for Barça. He told me I should concentrate on football because all eyes will be on me. People will want a lot from me”.

Comparison with Xavi and Iniesta

“I don’t want to be compared with those players. It’s the perfect club for a midfielder. They hold onto the ball well, they control the play, it suits me perfectly”.

"I like to play attacking football, for it to be attractive and for people to have fun when they come to the stadium".

De Jong

Ready to start

“I can’t wait to be with the team, play with them, enjoy the city and meet new people. I’m sure it will all work out great. I want to prove myself on the pitch”.


“He is the best player I have ever seen. I can’t compare him with players from the past but for me he is the best. He knows everything you have to do in attack and midfield. He’s the best ever”.

Goals for 2019/20

“I want to start most games. All players want that. I’ll work as hard as I can in training to show what I can do in games. I like to play attacking football, for it to be attractive and for people to have fun when they come to the stadium”.

“Both me and Barça are really keen to win the Champions League this year and I hope that’s what happens”.

Força Barça
Força Barça

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