Barça Lassa 76-70 Tecnyconta Zaragoza: The Palau factor

Barça Lassa 76-70 Tecnyconta Zaragoza: The Palau factor

The Blaugrana achieved the second point in the tie after reacting in the third quarter

Barça Lassa are in a healthy position after winning the second game of the Endesa League Playoff semifinals, against Tecnyconta Zaragoza at the Palau Blaugrana (76-70). After a hesitant start, Pesic's side reacted in a spectacular third quarter. Heurtel's points (21), pushed the culers on in the second half, and now the series moves to Zaragoza (Tuesday, June 11 at 9.00pm CEST).


Both teams were successful at the basket in the opening stages, but it was the visitors who held the advantage at the end of the first quarter: 14-21. Barça's reaction was swift with the advantage reduced from 13 to four points by the end of the first half. Heurtel, with eight straight points, and Kuric, led the charge.


In the third quarter the hosts really built up a head of steam with a 12-4 partial, and by the 26th minute were ahead on the score board for the first time. Heurtel was again omnipresent, and the appearance of Singleton also had a positive effect as Barça ended the quarter 10 points ahead (61-51).


In the final quarter, the scoring rhythm of the Barça players declined. Consequently, Tecnyconta Zaragoza cut the deficit. However, the hosts managed to feed off of the energy of the Palau public, keeping their advantage until the end. The next match is on Tuesday, June 11 at 9.00pm CEST.

Match Details

Barça Lassa, 76
Tecnyconta Zaragoza, 70
Barça Lassa: Pangos (7), Ribas (5), Singleton (6), Claver (4) i Tomic (10) -starters- Hanga (10), Heurtel (21), Oriola (6), Pustovyi (-) and Kuric (7).
Tecnyconta Zaragoza: Okoye (9), Seibutis (12), Radovic (12), Alocén (5) i Vázquez (2) -starters- Berhanemeskel (6), Nacho Martín (7), Justiz (8), Santana (4), Barreiro (2), Williams (3) and Krejci (-)

Partials: 14-21; 36-40; 61-51; 76-70

Officials: Carlos Peruga, Jordi Aliaga and Raúl Zamorano.

Força Barça
Força Barça

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