Barça Lassa 35–26 Anaitasuna: A win in the last test before visiting Nantes

Barça Lassa 35–26 Anaitasuna: A win in the last test before visiting Nantes

Without a chance to relax despite having already won the Asobal League, Barça added another victory after the international break

With the league already won, and having recently been proclaimed champion of the Copa del Rey, Barça Lassa were back in Asobal League action at the Palau after the international break, beating Anaitasuna (35-26).

Xavi Pascual's side offered the Cup trophy to the fans before the game, and then went on to give them the win after 27 days without a match at the Palau. Aleix Gómez and Dika Mem, with six goals, were the top scorers in a match in which Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas and Kevin Moller also stood out. Ariño and N'Guessan were rested, while Àlex Pascual completed the Barça squad.

The game is won in the second half

The result at halftime was 16-11, which showed that Barça didn't find it easy, despite the final result (35-26). Anaitasuna did well, with some good saves from Patrick Nicolai in goal. 

After the break, the physical wear and tear on the visitors allowed Barça to pull away little by little. Three goals from Dika Mem and one from Sorhaindo increased the score (22-14, min 36), but a 2-6 partial reduced the difference (24-20, min 46) before goals from Ludovic Fàbregas, Dika Mem and Aleix Gómez took the score to 27-20 (min 49). From there, Barça managed to keep the advantage - and even extend it - to close the game out.


Barça Lassa, 35
Anaitasuna, 26

Barça: Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas (-), Víctor Tomàs (4), Entrerríos (4), Sorhaindo (1), Thiagus Petrus (2), Dika Mem (6), Àlex Pascual (-) –starters- Kevin Möller (-), Andersson (2), Aleix Gómez (6), Syprzak (1), Dolenec (2), Gilberto Duarte (3), Ilic (1), Pálmarsson (1), Ludovic Fàbregas (2).

Anaitasuna: Patrick Nicolai (-), Antonio Bazan (1), Borja Mendez (-), Etxeberria (1), Carlos Chocarro (2), Aguirrezabalaga (2), Pere Vaquer (4) –starters- Salazar (-), Álvaro Gaston (2), Ibai Meoki (3), Krsmancic (5), Albert Pujol (-), Miguel Goñi (3), Fermín Iturri (-), Ander Izquierdo (1), Ander Ugarte (2).

Partials: 2-1, 4-2, 7-3, 10-7, 12-9, 16-11 (break), 20-14, 23-15, 24-19, 28-20, 31-24, 35-26.

Officials: Ignacio Pascual Sánchez, Carlos Luque Cabrejas.

Attendance: 1106 spectators at the Palau.

Força Barça
Força Barça

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