Pau Vilanova visits Ceuta supporters club

Pau Vilanova visits Ceuta supporters club

Institutional visits mark the agenda in the autonomous city Andrei Txepkin gave a handball class to local youngsters

Pau Vilanova, director in chief of the Social Commission, visited the autonomous city of Ceuta last week. Over the three days from Thursday to Saturday, he visited the University Hospital and two schools, promoting the club to young people, one of the priorities of FC Barcelona at the moment.

Institutional visits and council reception

Friday started at San Agustín College, where ex player Andrei Txepkin gave a handball coaching session to some of the young players. Meanwhile, Pau Vilanova explained the Barça values at the Ramón María del Valle-Inclán state school.

At midday, Vilanova and Txepkin went to the University Hospital to visit the children’s ward and offer gifts.

Shortly after, they had another appointment, this time at Ceuta City Hall. Permi Mirchandani, the Councillor for Sport, Youth, Tourism and Festivals in Ceuta was waiting to welcome the FC Barcelona representatives.

Visit to supporters club and coaching session

Their host while in the North African enclave was the Gran Peña Barcelonista de Ceuta, and the representatives naturally visited the club house. Rafael Fontalba, the president of the club, was there to express his delight at being able to welcome his guests to Ceuta.

Andrei Txepkin gave another handball coaching session, this time with federated youngsters in the U14 and U12 categories, both on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. About a hundred young players were given tips on their game, watched all the time by a living legend of the sport.

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