Camp Nou pays tribute to the authors of ‘Cant del Barça’

Camp Nou pays tribute to the authors of ‘Cant del Barça’

The Club recognises Josep Maria Espinàs and Jaume Picas, authors of the words, and Manuel Valls, composer of the music “The anthem is more widely accepted. It's very beautiful,” says Espinàs

Before the match against Deportivo, the Camp Nou and FC Barcelona paid tribute to the authors of the ‘Cant del Barça,’ the name of the Club's official anthem. The ‘Cant del Barça’ was written by Josep Maria Espinàs and Jaume Picas, and the music was composed by Manuel Valls. Espinàs, the only one who is still alive, was acknowledged by the Club and the fans.

Recognised by the Club

First, President Sandro Rosell gave the Espinàs a Barça strip with the author’s name on it, during an event that was also attended by the widow of Picas, the son of Manuel Vallas, the ex-President Agustí Montal and Antoni Ros-Marbà, orchestra director when the anthem was first written. “I tried to make it singable, with short sentences and with the emphasis on the right parts. Many years have gone by and the anthem is becoming widely accepted. It’s beautiful,” said Espinàs.

Before the beginning of the match, Espinàs was given the chance to address to the fans at the Camp Nou. Here’s his speech in its entirety:

“Nearly 40 years have passed since a Board of Directors thought the Club needed its own anthem. I think it’s appropriate to congratulate Agustí Montal for his idea. Many other administrations have passed as have many years, perhaps too many, before President Rosell’s Board decided to publicly recognise the authors of the anthem.

“Neither Jaume Picas nor the composer Manuel Valls are with us. I am still here to thank you for this acknowledgement, and a very big thank you to the Barcelonistas who have adopted and made this anthem yours.

“The ‘Cant del Barça’ represents, in addition to a great Club, Barcelona and Catalonia throughout the world. We saw a group of young Japanese fans dressed up in Barça kits sing the song in Catalan.

“But the anthem belongs to you. It represents what you love. It represents what you feel.

“It’s a great joy to be able to sing it with all of you. Never forget: ‘Tots units fem força. Visca el Barça!’”

Força Barça
Força Barça
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